Unit 1: Parts A & B – Arts Challenge



What is my arts challenge?  My arts challenge is to try and improve my Life Drawing and anatomy skills.

Why did I set this challenge? I had already done Life Drawing before, but not a lot. I wasn’t very good at it, so I decided not to do it that often. When I joined Truro School, I started doing Life Drawing a lot more because it was an after school club offered to gifted art students and art scholars. I didn’t really enjoy it at first but I slowly started to enjoy it more as I got better at it. I then decided that I should maybe do this as my arts challenge because it is something that I had not really done a lot of and I was starting to enjoy it more.

How long will it take? How often will I be working towards my arts challenge? I will be doing my challenge over a two-year period, so that I can really see how much I have improved since starting. I will be doing Life Drawing classes every Tuesday after school from 4-6p.m and I will do Life Drawing and Anatomy drawing in my free time.

How am I going to check my progress? Feedback from my teachers.

What resources will I need? I will need my art teachers to help me achieve my challenge, and help me along the way. I will also need a few sketchbooks that I will be doing my artworks in and I will be using a whole different variety of media to see what I find best.

Who will review my work? I am going to get my art teacher to review my work. I will get him to look through my sketchbooks and write some notes on how I did and what needs improving etc. I will then get him to send an email of his review.

What went well and why? I think that doing all of my drawings in sketchbooks worked out well because they were also in chronological order so I could easily see how I had progressed over time.

What didn’t go well and why? Some of the drawings I did didn’t turn out that well because I don’t think I spent enough time on some of them.

What would I improve next time? I would maybe work more on the anatomy of the face as well because I did quite a lot of work mostly of the anatomy of the body. I would also maybe see if I could work from a Male Model because I only used a female Model when I was doing my Life Drawing.

What are my strengths? I think that I have really improved with proportions of the human body and I managed to use a whole variety of media. I am happy with how I have improved and I think that you can really see a difference from when I started to now.


My Gallery





Teacher’s Review



“I have been very impressed with Charlotte’s focus to improve her skills. She has worked hard taking on-board constructive criticism. Charlotte has shown a marked progress with her technical skills over the two years I have taught her. She has widened her range of media when drawing from life. Charlotte has been a very regular member of the life class, attending most life drawing classes weekly. It is important that Charlotte regularly reviews her work and finds time to discuss her progress with me. Reviewing is essential to your progress as an artist. Also research into artists that inspire her will help her start developing her style. Charlotte’s strength is her tonal drawing skills and openness to trying out new techniques and media. Charlotte listens to advice and takes on board constructive criticism. She has explored a wide range of drawing techniques showing. She has also explored a range of painting techniques and always picks up new skills quickly.”

Mr David Meads, Head of Art, Truro School 

May 2019