Unit 2: Parts A & B – Arts Leadership



What Leadership skills do I want to develop? I want to become more confident in sharing my skills with others. I also want to be able to organize the project so that it will be enjoyable and I also want to able to lead the project start to finish effectively.

What is my project and what am I going to do? I am going to produce a wall mural made up of 9 canvases (around 40 cm x 40 cm). This mural is going to be displayed on the wall at Cranford House school. Each canvas will depict a segment of an image of life at Cranford House School and when placed together will epitomize life at Cranford.

Who is my project aimed at and what do I know about them? It is for the school to have on display.

Who is part of my team and what are their different roles and responsibilities? Myself and eight of my peers. We will each be creating our own canvas paintings from a chosen image depicting life at Cranford.

What resources will I need and where will I get them? I will need 9 (40 cm x 40 cm) canvases, pencils, rulers, rubbers, acrylic paint, aprons, water containers, paintbrushes. I am going to provide the canvases and paints, and the school are going to provide the rest.

Who will help me? When and how? My school art teacher is going to help me to organize and plan my project. My mum is also going to help and support me with it. I am going to meet up with my art teacher on 15/5/17 and 19/5/17 to discuss ideas.

What things could go wrong? What is your back-up plan? Some of my peers might find the pictures too difficult to paint, so they could always choose an easier picture. The people I have chosen might not be able to come, but I could always choose some other people if I need to.

How will I know if the project has worked? If it is completed in the given time scale and if it looks ‘good’.

How will I collect feedback? I have created a questionnaire that my peers can fill out once they have completed their paintings.

What else do I need to find out about or do? I need to discuss with my art teacher what time and dates would be best to do the project. I still need to work out which of my peers are going to do it and what images they are going to paint.

What are the Health and Safety considerations? Everyone already knows where the fire exists are as it is held in the school art block during lunchtime. The art teacher was mentoring me with my project and knows all of the first aid procedures.

How will the project be promoted? I spoke with my art teacher to choose the people that were going to do the project with me. I then emailed everyone and asked them if they would be able to attend or not as well as speaking to them. I also reminded everyone before each of the sessions to make sure that they wouldn’t forget to come.

How am I resolving any problems that arise? Some of the girls found their images difficult to start, so I went round to each girl individually and helped them on what to do and where to start. Some of the girls hadn’t used acrylics before, so I demonstrated how to use them and showed them how easy they are to use. There weren’t many problems because everyone always came on time and were always prepared to do the best of their ability.

  • 09.05.17 – I had a Skype call with Shalini to discuss all of my ideas with her about my project.
  • 19.05.17 – I had a meeting with Mrs. Day to discuss ideas of the girls who were going to do it.
  • 15.05.17 – I spoke with Mrs. Day about my initial ideas and what I was going to do.

Workshop 1 (9th June) – 1 ½ hours   —-   Introduction to the project and drawing/planning stage

Workshop 2 (16th June)  – 1 hour  —-  Work on project

Workshop 3 (23rd June) – 1 hour —- Work on project


Project Confirmation and review





Unit 2 Part E: Arts Leadership Report


What happened on the project and what was produced / what was the end result? The project was just as I had planned it and a collection of acrylic paintings depicting life at Cranford were produced. Several of my peers came on a Friday lunchtime and came and did workshops with me to produce their paintings. The workshops were about 1 hour long, but the first was a little longer because I needed to explain what we would be doing. I am very pleased with the end result because all of the pictures were painted well and look good together.

What leadership skills did I develop? Responsibility, communication and motivation. I learnt how to communicate efficiently with people, so that they understood the task I was asking them to complete. I also learnt that I was responsible for the whole project and that I needed to be ready to help whenever anyone needed me. Finally, I also learnt that I needed to be able to motivate the participants, so that everyone would enjoy working on the project and that they knew that the art that they were producing was good.

What did I enjoy the most and what did I find difficult or complicated? I enjoyed working with my peers on the project and I think that the paintings turned out very well. Some of my peers couldn’t paint very well and struggled a bit, so I had to help them.

What was the feedback from others? The feedback from others was that it was very fun to do and that it was a good bonding experience. Some people did say that it was slightly difficult because they had hard images to paint, whereas others found it easier because their pictures weren’t as complex. Overall, everyone seemed to have a good time and they all said that they would definitely do something like that again.

What did I think about the feedback? I am very happy with the feedback and it is all very positive. Everyone seemed to enjoy doing the project and there were no complaints.

What have I learnt about leadership? I have learnt that it is a hard job to be a leader because there is a lot that you have to do. I have also learnt that it is very enjoyable and I like being a leader.

What have I learnt about communication? Effective communication was helpful because it meant that my peers were able to complete the project easily and with no problems.

What have I learnt about planning and about my art form? I have learnt that planning is very important, but sometimes has to be adjusted and changed. I already new quite a lot about my art form (acrylics) so didn’t really learn anything about that.

What would I do differently next time? I don’t think that there is anything that I would have done differently and I think that the project worked out very well.

Workshop 1

I showed everyone a slideshow, that I had made, of what they would be doing. I showed them what the gridding was for and why is was there, how each square on the photo represented a square on the canvas. Everyone looked at their photos and thought about how they were going to draw them on the canvases. Then they all started the drawing phase. A few of the girls finished their drawings and started painting. I helped them mix up the right colours then showed them how to paint their drawings by blocking out each colour.

Workshop 2

Some of the girls had finished their drawings last week so I showed them how to do the highlights and shadows where they were on the photo. I made darker and lighter shades of each of their colours and showed them how to create a realistic effect. A few of the girls only just started their painting this week, so I showed them how to do that.

Workshop 3

I showed the girls who had finished doing the highlights and shadows on their painting, how to do the details. They also had the chance to finish off anything they wanted to do. Several people hadn’t finished painting yet so have the chance to finish everything off next week. One of the girls had painted an embroidered willow tree, but wasn’t sure how to make it look like stitching. I came up with the idea that she could sponge on a lighter shade of blue over it. It came out very well and worked really effectively.


The Workshops




Student Feedback




Teacher’s Feedback




The End Result