Unit 1: Part D – Arts Research



Attending  Art Workshops and speaking to the artist

Where were these held? St Ives School of Painting

What and when did I attend? I attend painting classes in St Ives every fortnight.  I attended a Landscape painting workshop on 12/05/19. I also attended another Landscape painting workshop on 30/04/19 led by the same artist.

Who delivered or presented the workshops? Greg Humphries

What art forms was it in? Gouache Paints and Acrylics.

Have I done anything like this before? I have never been outside to do gouache paintings before and painted from the landscape.

Who did I meet / speak to? Greg Humphries

How did he get into his industry? He always wanted to be an artist but worked in film first. He then decided to start doing art. He wanted to help people in communities and reconnect people with nature. He then started working with people in creating artwork in nature.

Did he have to do any specialist training? He has a Masters Degree in Fine Art and a teaching qualification.

Does he work on his own or as part of a team? Mostly on their own, but they work as part of a team at St Ives School of Painting to do workshops.

How would he recommend other people get into their preferred area of work? Just do artwork. See what it leads you. Ask yourself why am I doing this? Follow what interests you and try everything and then do what you want to do.

What career opportunities are there in the arts or his art form? There are lots of career opportunities in art, including; architecture, gallery curator etc.

What future possibilities exist to develop my arts skill? I will be doing A level art, and I will continue to go to Porthmeor art classes in St Ives. I am thinking of doing some private lessons as well so that I can improve my oil painting skills.

What will my next steps be? I will start trying out more styles of art and see what I like doing most. I will see if I can get work experience in an art related area to see if that is really what I want to do. I will then start going to more galleries and maybe try and sell some of my artworks to make some money.


Greg Humphies Workshop







I also decided that I would try volunteering to get some work experience and to see what kind of jobs there are that are to do with art. I went and helped out at Truro Arts Centre at Children’s workshops and Parties (see below). I worked every Saturday from 2:30 – 5:30 for several months. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and I think that it helped me to understand more about the career opportunities that there are with art.


Helping at children’s workshops